Additives are injected into many of the common fuel products in order to provide clean operation in machinery, differentiate grades, eliminate static during transportation and utilization, or prevent ice from building up. Arseal designs the injection systems ensuring that the right amount of additive is included proportionate to each batch of product as part of an automated operation.

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Drag Reducing Agent Control Panel Design

Design and fabrication of a drag reducing agent control panel design per client panel fabrication and wiring standards and specifications.  Specify, procure, and fabrication of control panel suitable to be installed in a classified hazardous area. Preform heat load calculation and size HVAC system based on the control panel size and design criteria. Design and fabricate a custom mounting rack structure with canopy large enough to fit two control panels side by side. Arseal provided additional onsite installation, commissioning and startup services.

Project Details

Location: Atlantic and Gulf Coast States

Client: Colonial Pipeline Company

Project Contact

Jennifer Harvard
Manager, Mechanical Engineering
(470) 246-4008


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