With over 25 years’ experience in design and automation, Arseal is the correct choice for your control system needs.  Our experienced engineers will work with your people and vendors to create a truly integrated system.  Once you approve the Bill of Materials and Sequence of Operations, we will design, fabricate, program, and test the control system.  Our collaborative environment will assure that you are offered numerous check points along the way, to ensure that we will always meet or exceed your expectations.  From concept to commissioning, Arseal will be standing with you.

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Wireless Remote Terminal Unit

Throughout the Southeast, Arseal has provided a more reliable, more cost-effective alternative to inter-facility, leased, phone-line alarm systems.  Older utility phone-line connections providing remote alarming and protection between facilities are can be prone to failure, due to their age, and expensive to lease from the utility.  Arseal’s Wireless Remote Terminal Unit solution (or WRTU) is a very reliable and much more cost-effective solution.  Arseal will perform a wireless signal study between facilities, design, fabricate, install, and commission the WRTU system.  We have several of these systems currently in operation throughout the Atlantic states.

Project Details

Location: Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic States

Client: Multiple Clients

Project Contact

Genoveva Archuleta
Manager, Automation Engineering
(470) 246-4008