Arseal has engineering expertise and resources to execute a variety of electrical studies to meet the latest national and local standards.  Depending on our client, we have the capability to use different software packages to assist with studies; namely SKM, E-Tap, and EasyPower.  Each system is modeled in detail and studies are run accordingly.  Examples of some studies are fault analysis, selective coordination, voltage drop, arc flash analysis, motor starting analysis, Etc.  Software is only as good as the people using it.  Our engineers make sure the correct data is gathered and input into the software, and the results analyzed and documented in detail to present to our client.  Our report will include recommendations based on results.  For arc flash analysis, we can print standard PPE adhesive labels, based on client requirements.

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Protective Relays

Arseal provided engineering services to implement major upgrades to a pumping station. Upgrades entailed replacing a substation circuit breaker, Specifying/installing new transformer, new electrical building, and installing new pumps/motors with VFDs operating at 4160 VAC, 3-Phase. Substation breaker utilized a Multilin 850 feeder protection relay, and each motor was protected via a Multilin 869 motor protection relay. Our client had a preference for the GE Multilin line for this project, but we can also design using Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Project Details

Location: Axton, Virginia

Client: Plantation Pipe Line

Project Contact

Paul Malone
Manager, Electrical Engineering
(470) 246-4059


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