Arseal has the knowledge and expertise to provide drive solutions that are reliable, efficient, and safe to meet our clients’ design and implementation standards. Our team has extensive experience with a wide range of drive manufacturers to provide solutions for complex projects of any application. We work with our client to select the best suited drive, meeting budget and operating standards, for any application the client requires.

Pump Station VFD Control

As part of a VFD replacement, Arseal designed an electrical VFD enclosure and associated switchgear control panel, and remote I/O control panel.  Arseal performed factory acceptance testing of the hardware and wiring. During commissioning, Arseal provided engineering support, performed local functionality testing, and final point-to-point and loop testing with the remote control center.

Project Details

Location: Stafford, Virginia

Client: Colonial Pipeline Company

Project Contact

Genoveva Archuleta, EIT
Manager, Automation Engineering
(470) 246-4008