Arseal has engineering expertise and resources to execute a variety of electrical studies to meet the latest national and local standards.  Depending on our client, we have the capability to use different software packages to assist with studies; namely SKM, E-Tap, and EasyPower.  Each system is modeled in detail and studies are run accordingly.  Examples of some studies are fault analysis, selective coordination, voltage drop, arc flash analysis, motor starting analysis, Etc.  Software is only as good as the people using it.  Our engineers make sure the correct data is gathered and input into the software, and the results analyzed and documented in detail to present to our client.  Our report will include recommendations based on results.  For arc flash analysis, we can print standard PPE adhesive labels, based on client requirements.

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Electrical Systems Studies

Arseal provided engineering services to document existing conditions, generate power model in SKM software, and run a series of studies to be able to generate arc flash labels and apply to all on-site equipment. Load, short-circuit, and coordination studies were generated to determine existing conditions and generate recommendations to improve system performance. These studies were also coupled with an arc flash study to minimize incident energy as much as possible and generate equipment labels. Studies and labels were generated based on guidance and recommendations from the following standards: NFPA 70, NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584, and ANSI Z535.

Project Details

Location: Carroll County, GA

Client: Williams GP Transco

Project Contact

Paul Malone
Manager, Electrical Engineering
(470) 246-4059