Unexpected power outages, electrical equipment failure, or nuisance trips can cause unnecessary downtime resulting in loss of production and revenue.  From low voltage DC to medium voltage AC power systems, and everything in between, Arseal has the engineering tools, expertise, and experience to systematically investigate your system and identify the root cause of problems.  Arseal will then recommend solutions that fit your power and reliability needs, and your budget.

Incoming Cable Failure Root Cause Analysis

When incoming power service cables failed three times in less than two years, Arseal provided engineering expertise to investigate and identify the root cause of the failure. Arseal identified problems with the installation of the cables as well as environmental factors that caused the multiple failures and provided solutions to correct the problem and improve the reliability of the facility’s electrical systems.

Project Details

Location: Selma, North Carolina

Client: Kinder Morgan

Project Contact

Paul Malone
Manager, Electrical Engineering
(470) 246-4059


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