Project Description

Video Surveillance and Tank Alarms

About The Project

The goal of this project was to design a system where video and controls can share one wireless link.  Our client required surveillance of a barge dock via two fixed cameras and one PTZ camera.  Along with surveillance, tank level alarms had to be sent from the Terminal to the barge dock.  Arseal designed and installed a system using IP networked cameras, surveillance software, a pair of PLCs, and a pair of Ethernet radios with network switches.  At the dock, the cameras and a PLC remote I/O rack was connected to the wireless network.  The PLC at the dock monitored an E-Stop and controlled a horn and strobe signaling a tank alarm at the Terminal.  The PLC at the dock also provided a permissive to the barge to give them the go-ahead to start pumping to the Terminal.  At the Terminal, a PLC and a computer running Milestone software were connected to the wireless network.  A separate HMI connected to the PLC handle the tank level alarms display and configuration.  The computer monitored the cameras via the wireless network and stored video for up to 30 days.  The PLC at the Terminal was linked serially to a tank level alarm system to monitor the level alarms for multiple tanks.  Via the HMI, the user can test and reset the level alarms for all tanks.

Project Details

Location: Tampa, Florida

Client: Chevron

Project Contact

Genoveva Archuleta
Manager, Automation Engineering
(470) 246-4008


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