Project Description

Crude Oil Facility Expansion Design

About The Project

Provided detailed engineering and design services, procurement, project management, and controls and automation assistance for installing piping, pumps, and infrastructure to receive, store, and distribute various grades of crude from train rail cars, ships, and pipelines.

Arseal provided mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering services, including automation and design services for the client’s facility to incorporate new crude assets, which included:

  • 20” receiver trap to handle rates up to 7,000 gpm.
  • Three-level pipeline manifold with automated valves to allow movement to and from five storage tanks, each with a capacity of at least 160,000 bbl.
  • Modification of existing tank pumps to increase the flow rate of crude to 3,500 gpm.
  • Vertical booster pump (10,500 gpm, 600 hp) to help transfer crude to mainline pumps.
  • Two centrifugal pumps (10,500 gpm, 3,000 hp) to send crude out through main pipeline.
  • MCC and VFD buildings (738 sq. ft. and 675 sq. ft., respectively) for power and controls for pumps and instrumentation.
  • All-new design of structural components, including walkways and foundations, across the site.

Arseal performed project management support for the engineering, design, and construction of the new crude assets. Responsibilities included:

  • Coordination of all design and engineering services required, including civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering and site planning.
  • Aiding with procurement of materials by specifying materials, providing information to vendors, and tracking progress of material deliveries.
  • Assistance with permitting.
  • Inspection of buildings on the premises.
  • Specification and design on infrastructure required for two new 5 MVA, 12470V, three-phase primary services from utilities, including prefabricated buildings with metal-clad switchgear, MV and LV motor control centers, LV distribution panels, and PLC cabinets.
  • Programming and specification of Multilin relay protection required for two 7.5 MVA transformers, six feeders, and three motors, and seven power meters required to record and log data on power quality and demand.
  • Solicitation of bids, performance of bid analysis, and specification of RFQs for all major equipment, including:
    • Three prefabricated buildings with metal-clad switchgear, MV and LV motor control centers, LV distribution panels, and PLC cabinets.
    • Two 3000 HP, 4160V, three-phase induction motors for use in two centrifugal pumps.
    • One 600 HP, 4160V, three-phase induction motor for use in vertical booster pump.
    • Two 7.5 MVA, 12,400-4160V, three-phase transformers.
    • Two 150 KVA, 12,400-4160V, three-phase transformers.
    • Two neutral ground resistors.
  • Provision of necessary drawing and documentation required by LAHJ and utility for new buildings and power release.

Arseal provided all of the technical and design expertise and resources that the client needed to complete this project.

Project Details

Location: Galena Park, Texas

Client: Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.

Project Contact

Jared Markham, PE
Manager, Project Management Office
(470) 246-4020


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