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Office and Warehouse Design

About The Project

Arseal created the layout and specifications for an office and warehouse building in Crane, Texas. The project involved engineering, design, and construction for one metal building 5,578 sq. ft., enclosing two areas: Office area 2,936 sq. ft. and Warehouse area 2,642 sq. ft. The office area and warehouse area were built under the same roof structure. The single-story building and was designed and built per the International Building Code and Texas Department of Regulation and Licensing codes for Industrialized Housing and Buildings and complies with all ADA requirements.

Arseal coordinated multiple contractors to complete the site work, foundations, and erection and finishing of the building including the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades. They also coordinated with additional contractors to provide power from a private substation and water from a private well built on the site. Arseal then oversaw the commissioning of all building systems.

Project Details

Location: Crane, Texas

Client: Epic Pipeline

Project Contact

Elber Ortiz
Architectural Designer / CAD Coordinator
(470) 246-4017


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