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Biodiesel Storage and Truck Blending

About The Project

Arseal provided full-service engineering and project management for a project to unload, store, and blend biodiesel into diesel trucks. Services included design of a skid capable of unloading biodiesel from transport trailers in and transfer to storage tank, including the design of a new 10,000 bbl tank and foundation. Arseal designed metering for side stream blending of biodiesel into diesel fuel as it is loaded onto truck at ratios up to 10%. Arseal performed hydraulic calculations necessary for pump sizing and selection for unloading and blending pumps. Arseal provided design requirements and coordinated the installation of tank heaters and insulation as well as pipe electric heat trace and insulation. Arseal’s project manager led a complete permitting effort with multiple local and state regulatory agencies and provided engineering construction support to complete full installation of the systems.

Project Details

Location: Wilmington, DE

Client: Magellan

Project Contact

Jared Markham, PE
Manager, Project Management Office
(470) 246-4020


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